Liberal Democracy Pulse Check

Liberal Democracy Pulse Check
Photo by Hana El Zohiry / Unsplash

The history of the world can barely be called democratic. Even when the ideas were articulated millennia ago in the Ancient Greek world, you would not recognize them as the same entities that we see today.

From the Age of Enlightenment till now there has been a wrestling between illiberal governments and liberal ones. There has been an increase over time for liberalism but the rise in populists in the liberal world suggests that we are in for a ride. We have to question if liberalism is even good.

African Elections 2024

Meanwhile, 2024 is set to be a busy year for democracy across Africa, with a wave of elections sweeping the continent. These elections, spanning from local councils to national assemblies and presidential offices, represent pivotal moments for change, development, and governance in their respective countries. Comoros just elected their president.  Here are all the upcoming elections:

March 2024

  • Togo: National Assembly and Local

May 2024

  • South Africa: National Assembly and Local
  • Madagascar: Parliamentary

22 June 2024

  • Mauritania: President and Senate

15 July 2024

  • Rwanda: President and National Assembly

9 October 2024

  • Mozambique: President, National Assembly, and Local

October 2024

  • Chad: President, National Assembly, and Local
  • Botswana: National Assembly and Local
  • Tunisia: President

November 2024

  • Somaliland: President
  • Guinea Bissau: President
  • Namibia: President and National Assembly

7 December 2024

  • Ghana: President and National Assembly

December 2024

  • South Sudan: President, National Assembly, and Local

Date TBD in 2024

  • Senegal: President (originally scheduled for 25 February but postponed)
  • Cabo Verde: Local
  • Mali: President (delayed from February)
  • Mauritius: General
  • Algeria: President

Each of these elections not only signifies the democratic processes at play but also serves as a critical juncture for the countries involved to shape their political landscapes and address the challenges and opportunities ahead. But hey between rigging and failed promises, I'd hold my breath on any meaningful changes at present.