Thabo Bester's Case Investigator Dead After Suspected Suicide

Thabo Bester's Case Investigator Dead After Suspected Suicide
Photo by Miguel CarraƧa / Unsplash

What in the hell?! The SAPS just dropped a bombshell today. One of the investigators working on the Thabo Bester prison escape case is dead. Can you believe it?

The whole situation surrounding the death of this top officer is under investigation. Apparently, he was the big boss in charge of organized crime in the Free State. Talk about a crazy story!

The police higher-ups don't want to spill the beans on this matter to the public. It's all hush-hush, for now.

They've sent in their own squad of employee health and wellness experts, even some chaplains are going, to provide support to the grieving family and colleagues. That is very heavy stuff going on.

The police spokesperson, Brig Athlenda Mathe, is not giving away any juicy details though. She's keeping tight-lipped about whether the officer took his own life or not. But the media's buzzing with rumors, you know how it goes.

The question still remains: How influential is Thabo Bester? The way that he escaped and the connections to high-class names remain shrouded in mystery. This death won't stop the mutterings for sure.