UPDATES: News Aggregation & Tech Demos Curation

UPDATES: News Aggregation & Tech Demos Curation
Photo by Laura Kapfer / Unsplash

Hey everyone! We've got some awesome updates for our website that we think you'll love. We've added new pages packed with cool features, so you can stay in the loop on all things business & finance, crypto, and more! Just follow the links below to dive in.

We've made it super easy to keep up with trending social media convos and find your dream job with our integrated feeds and job search tool. And if you're interested in what's happening in Africa, we've got you covered with live news updates. Plus, we've included weather & travel info to help you plan your next adventure.

Now, for the real cherry on top: we're hosting amazing tech demos from Hugging Face Spaces! You'll get to see the mind-blowing image and text generation demos that show off the power of AI and machine learning. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this cutting-edge stuff.

So, go ahead and explore the new pages using the links we've provided, and enjoy all the awesome content we've put together for you. Happy browsing!

Business and Finance News Live
Currency Converter Currency Converter by OANDA Matters about money sourced from the web. JSE stock chart by TradingView
Cryptocurrency Market
The world of cryptocurrencies condensed into a few headlines.
African News Live
A dedicated section for African news, where articles and headlines are regularly updated. Coming from a variety of sources.
Weather and Travel
What’s the general feel outside today? Wear a raincoat or go to the beach? Find out here.
Social Feeds
Social media comments about what is trending in Africa. Providing updates from various social media platforms across Africa, including posts and comments made by users discussing different topics and issues relevant to the continent.
Find Jobs
Finding jobs in South Africa and abroad with remote opportunities. Jobs By Careers24
Awesome Image Generation Tech
Showcasing some of the coolest technology and research in image generation. Technology demos are on Hugging Face. For faster run times you can duplicate the Space on Hugging Face by following the links provided below the interfaces. For more info: https://diffusers-controlnet-openpose.hf.space…
Awesome Text Generation Tech
Here are some of the coolest demos from all the research coming from text generation. These ones help you come up with prompts for technology like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion. Technology demos are on Hugging Face. For more info: https://merve-chatgpt-prompt-generator.hf.space For more info: htt…